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Essentrics has tremendously improved my flexibility and balance and reduced my chronic back pain. I also sleep much better at night. This is one exercise class I actually look forward to attending. Lea makes everyone feel welcome and will provide individual attention to ensure proper technique is being used to get an efficient safe stretch. It helps relax my mind and body. I am so glad I started this class and look forward to many more years of Essentrics!

Darcy H.

Burlington, IA

I feel this class has really helped with my range of motion and has improved my flexibility which is important when you have RA. I feel I have found a great addition to my regular exercise program!

Cindy B.

Burlington, IA

It was recommended to me by long-time friend, Darcy, to give the Essentrics with Lea class a try.  I started out very stiff.  I’ve been attending Essentrics class for 9 months now and it is amazing how I feel.  I only wish I would have started this class at age 32 instead of 52.  This winter, I slipped on the ice.  I was sore for a few days, but I know that if I hadn’t been working out with Lea, the healing would have taken much longer.  I enjoy the class with a great group of people who are not afraid to speak of their problem areas.  Lea (Burke) is more than willing to help each of us individually.  She genuinely cares about each person who walks through the door, and it is so appreciated!  I look forward to coming to class, and feel great afterwards!  I sleep like a baby on class nights.  I’m excited for each new session with Lea’s great taste in music and her beneficial new moves.  The class is so good for me and just plain fun!

Sara B.

Burlington, IA

I am so happy that Lea introduced me to Essentrics. I was hurting from my other workouts and was looking for something else.  I call this my Wellness Workout and I love my daily workout.  Lea's classes are the most fun, but the DVD's and IPT are great to fill in.  I encourage everyone to give it a try. Thank you Lea.

Carol S.

Burlington, IA

This exercise program has helped me realize how many muscles I have and don't use!  My main reason for attending in the first place was to work on stretching out hip and leg muscles, in order to stop the pain in my right knee.  I have had trouble with lateral movement for years.  With the help of this class, I can step into my car easier, my feet, toes and ankles are more limber, my balance is improving, and my core is getting stronger.  Each class is a good workout, but in a gentle, stretching way.  I am very happy with the results I am getting.

Toddy G.

Burlington, IA

I had the opportunity to experience Lea’s newest half hour workout last night! I will start off by saying I am not someone who has ever been into regular exercise in the past or present. My profession requires movement, and sometimes I find myself on my feet for hours, climbing ladders, or twisting and turning into small spaces. I consider those times to be just enough activity to keep my gears turning as I age. You can stop rolling your eyes now. I do know better!
After 30 minutes of stretching with Lea, her guidance, her detailed instructions, encouragement, upbeat attitude and always infectious “Let’s Have A Great Time” aura; my body felt transformed. I was sweating, but I wasn’t tired. I was (am still) refreshed! She asked how I felt and I said I felt great. I felt lighter, I told her I could actually see better! 30 minutes.
After a quick shower I went to the grocery store for a few items. I felt myself walking taller, feeling taller, and a balance I didn’t even know I was missing had returned. I did a little “tight rope walking” on the curb on my way back to the car!
You can feel it too. Try it. For me, the combination of teacher and technique is life changing.

Michael B.

Burlington, IA

I initially signed up for Essentrics because a friend suffering with back and neck pain was wanting someone to go to class with.  Fortunately, I do not suffer from any chronic pain but I thought I can certainly get some type of benefit out of participating in the class.  I can attest that my flexibility has improved, and as an added bonus I lost a few pounds along the way.  This class has endless benefits, and I can see myself sticking with Essentrics for years to come. 

Stacey M.

Burlington, IA

My right shoulder was injured when I started the class. Following your direction, my mobility has increased and I am able to reach farther without  pain.

Pat W.

Burlington, IA

We had so much fun taking this class together! It was the perfect solution for the winter blues. When you sit at a desk all day and can’t get outside to work out or move, muscles tighten up and backs go out. What a wonderful way to keep in shape!

When I started the class I had back pain, I no longer have the pain!


I could hardly wait for the next class because it made me feel so good!


Lynn & Christa

Burlington, IA

I have had bad experiences in the past with exercise classes, but a friend told me about Lea's class and encouraged me to try. Lea is very outgoing and friendly with everyone and makes everyone feel welcome and encourages them. I have trouble sleeping at night and this class helps tremendously, it helps me relax. Essentrics has also helped with my posture, it has helped loosen up my muscles in my upper back and shoulders making it feel more natural to stand up straight. Thanks so much Lea!

Dena T.

Burlington, IA

I absolutely love Essentrics!  It has helped me with my hip pain and has definitely succeeded in making my ankles stronger.  Lea is great to work with and is a fun, upbeat instructor!  The amazing thing with Essentrics is that you walk out of each session sweating but feeling so euphoric and relaxed.  I look forward to this class every week!

Sarah B.

Burlington, IA

My flexibility, balance and confidence are returning and this after two total knee replacements.

Sandy A.

Burlington, IA

I first heard about Essentrics from my neighbor (and friend) Darcy. I was really interested in the whole concept of “aging backwards”. I am in my early fifties and sit at a desk all day…needless to say, I am overweight and out of shape. This class is perfect for me as I get a good overall workout, combining stretching and toning…. which I love. My fear of becoming a little hunchbacked old lady shuffling along is no more! This class helps with my posture, balance, strength, and flexibility. I absolutely love Lea, she is so caring and patient and she really wants everyone to benefit from her class. I am forever going to be an Essentrics fan.

Kim H

Burlington, IA

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