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New Session starts with a different Feel

Wow! Noticing how quickly the summer has went by as I post the new music for the new session. Last night was the first class of the session and I find myself sitting here today thinking of the different FEEL I have found in my own body when moving recently. I am attributing this to attending Gil Hedley's "What's the Fuzz?" Tour in August.

To keep it short, we considered the role of fascia in healthy movement. He spoke, beautifully I might add, about the way nature solves the problem of total connection and differential movement. What does that mean exactly? We are talking about how everything is connected, even though we, in our human ways, tend to view much as separate or not relating to one another. Viewing images and videos of the different layers of fascia in the human body to only recognize, yet again, it is all one and connected is quite humbling. This happens all around us, in our own bodies, politics, among our peers, and so on. Consider your connection to all that is around, within and without you. Take a little time today to feel the gentle pulls in other areas of the body as you raise your arm over your head, for example. Relax into the motion and mind your movement.

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