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"Lea is a very knowledgeable ESSENTRICS instructor. She is constantly learning about and modeling healthy living. She truly wants to see people living joyful, healthy lives full of MOVEMENT!"

- Amy Hazell

"I absolutely love Lea. She is so caring and patient and she really wants everyone to benefit from her class. I am forever going to be an ESSENTRICS fan!"

- Kim Hixson

ESSENTRICS is a a full-body, dynamic workout that moves every muscle in the body by using a varied number of techniques such as large rotational movements and pulling up through the body (think of lifting upward through the spine out the tip of the head) to help the spine decompress resulting in improved range of motion and posture, respectively. You will find the strengthening theory of ballet which is known for creating long, lean and flexible muscles, the benefits of health and balance as found in Tai-Chi and the healing principles of physiotherapy to help create a pain-free body; ultimately rebalancing the entire musculoskeletal system in every ESSENTRICS workout! Every movement in ESSENTRICS is purposeful and positions the body so that every muscle is engaged and taken through the motions exactly how the human body is designed to move. ESSENTRICS unlocks joints, releases tight muscles, relieves tension, improves range of motion, and rebalances the body.

It can help those who are active maintain a balanced body, especially if their favorite activities tend to overuse specific muscles. ESSENTRICS will assist sedentary people in regaining mobility or maintaining mobility. ESSENTRICS will strengthen your entire body, it will recruit muscles that you may not know you have! It will allow you to keep moving with ease for years to come, giving you a new energy and vitality that perhaps, you are thinking you have lost. You can reawaken and retrain your muscles to move safely again, allowing yourself to feel comfortable in your own body.

ESSENTRICS was founded by the creator of Classical Stretch, Miranda Esmonde-White and her daughter Sahra Esmonde-White. You can find Classical Stretch by ESSENTRICS airing on your local public television station. It has been running for almost 20 years. Many people have found relief through this program alone, I encourage you to try it! YOU can feel good in your own body!

What can ESSENTRICS do for the body?
  • Defines the waist

  • Creates toned, lean and strong arms

  • Slenderizes thighs and quads

  • Creates flat, defined abs

  • Improves posture 

  • Lifts the butt

  • Targets and firms every muscle in the body

What can ESSENTRICS do for health & performance?
  • Increases full body flexibility

  • Helps relieve pain

  • Unlocks tight muscles and joints

  • Strengthens the spine and core

  • Helps to treat and prevent back pain

  • Age-defying workout: creates a youthful feeling body

  • Improves agility and speed for sports

  • Supports injury prevention

  • Helps speed-up recovery time through increased blood flow

My experience with ESSENTRICS coming soon...

About Lea...

About Lea

Lea is a certified Essentrics Instructor in the southeast Iowa area. While at the University of Iowa she continued her dance education after spending most of her young life in tap, ballet and jazz classes. It was at the U of I where she discovered the depth of her love of movement and the importance of proper technique which compelled her to begin teaching ballet and modern dance classes soon after graduating. At the age of 24 she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, however she continued to move and teach over the next 15 years as she was able, inspiring others to embrace their physical abilities. In 2012 she discovered Classical Stretch on PBS and immediately recognized the benefits of this program. She knew this was a form of movement worth sharing and without hesitation she began her journey to become Iowa's first certified Essentrics instructor.


“The most wonderful aspect of Essentrics is that everyone can do it. It is a safe, simple and effective workout; children, athletes, aging adults and even those just starting to move again can benefit from this program. Essentrics strengthens, slenderizes, tones and rebalances the muscles; increases flexibility and range of motion of the joints, relieves chronic pain and improves posture and bone health. We all deserve these benefits at any stage in our life. We all deserve to feel good in our own bodies!”

In November 2016, Lea was honored to be featured as the Teacher of the Month in the ESSENTRICS newsletter due to her efforts in sharing the program's benefits with the Arthritis Foundation.


Lea is a health coach and movement motivator. She worked for several years with a functional medicine center to introduce the holistic health benefits of the program to all ages and bodies of differing abilities as each person embraced lifestyle changes. She continues to promote ESSENTRICS as a gentle, safe and effective exercise for those in chronic pain. As someone who has had mobility challenges throughout her life, she appreciates the ability to move in every moment. A favorite past time is dancing freely as music inspires and daily Essentrics ensures mobility liberation. Essentrics enables us all to move in our favorite forms whether that is dance, a sport or just finding comfort in our bodies as we perform daily tasks.

“Take a moment to be grateful for what your body does for you this day.”


Lea graduated with a BA in Spanish and assists her husband with Burke Installed, a security and automation business located in Burlington, IA.

She is a certified Wahl's Protocol Health Professional and is a practitioner of the LaHoChi energy healing technique.

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